Paris Takes Jerusalem

The very next day we went on a tour of Jerusalem. This was a short tour filled with lots of beautiful places. This is what I was able to experience:

Standing outside Church of the Nativity.

Excursion detail: Embark on a half-day tour of Bethlehem, considered the birthplace of Jesus, and tour its beloved Church of the Nativity, where he was born. Roam Bethlehem’s ancient pathways, where Christian pilgrims continue to gather after several millennia. Visit the sacred Church of the Nativity and its underground grotto, which is believed to be where Mary gave birth to Jesus of Nazareth. Enjoy panoramic views of Jerusalem’s Old City while traveling via coach back to port.

Overlooking Jerusalem. 

Beautiful Jerusalem views from the cruise ship.

While in Jerusalem it rained for a little while and it was really windy (hence my sweater blowing) but overall it was very beautiful. Just being able to walk around where Jesus was born and where he performed miracles was really a mindset shift for me. After the tour that night I read my bible and was actually able to visualize the exact locations.